Tech Translator was founded by Sarah LaLiberte, a serial entrepreneur, tech business consultant, marketing agency owner, mom, wife, geek, and outdoors person. She recognized (while talking to family, friends and even some of the world's most brilliant tech minds) that buzz words and jargon are challenging and confusing to almost everyone, and decided to be the driving force in separating the hype from reality. She and her team focus on translating need-to-know information into bite-size and actionable media (podcasts, vlogs/videos and blogs). Join the Tech Translator team as they take on the tech world, one term at a time.

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Sarah LaLiberte

Sarah LaLiberte is a New England-based tech entrepreneur who found her passion in the areas of broadband, IoT, AI and big data. She is the founder of Mainspire , a tech business consulting and full-service global marketing agency, Tech Translator, an information and educational resource that translates today's buzz words into real speak for real people, and she co-founded (with her then six-year-old son) Kid In Outdoors , a national advocacy program to help kids get off video games and outdoors. With her background, she understands IoT isn’t just jargon and big data means more than collecting information, so she has set out to educate and promote innovation. For more than twenty years in global agency, corporate and entrepreneurial roles, she has leveraged her real-world skills and industry knowledge to guide companies as they jockey for top position in this competitive landscape and claim their piece of the pie. A bit of a standards-lover, she spent years participating/chairing marketing roles with the (DSL) Broadband Forum, ITU-T, HomePlug, DECT Forum, HomeGrid, Open Connectivity Foundation, and ULE Alliance and holds professional certificates in IoT Solutions, Blockchain Security and Smart Cities from IoT Evolution. She has a BS in PR from Syracuse University and an MBA from UMass Lowell. When not enjoying her home by the lakes and mountains of Central New Hampshire, she is an active member of the New Hampshire Tech Alliance, RIoT, Women Inspiring Women, the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, several tech networking and industry groups, and volunteers for environmental, children’s and animal charities close to her heart.

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